Art your Heart Out: Themed Life Drawing at Summerhall


“Try new things”, they said. “It’ll be fun”, the promised. “The weather’s too shitty to spend outside anyways”. This is how an artist (Kara), an aspiring architect (Leanne), a Food & Drink writer (Emily) and an interior designer (moi) wandered into Summerhall with pencils and sketchbooks and some very rusty illustration skills. This is how, […]

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#OOTD: Canuckerama, a very very Canadian outfit


Another year, another outfit post. Today’s theme is CANADA. I just got back from a fabulous fortnight in the motherland, and I miss it already. I sometimes wonder if I’d stayed, would I be as obnoxiously Canadian as I am now? A maple syrup chugging, beaver hugging, hockey watching fan of moose and geese? Would […]

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Things we should leave in 2016: Get in the Sea


I don’t do resolutions. As we barrel full pelt into 2017 I’m fighting off a cold, snuggled up to my beloved dog and drinking ginger and lemon tea. I spent the first few days of the year catching up with good friends and stuffing my face. Fuck productivity. Today is my first full day back and […]

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Airport observations: one delayed flight from CDG to Edinburgh 


I said I wasn’t going to write an end-of-year post, but if I’m honest, this is more to keep me from losing my shit in the airport than anything else. Yes, my flight is delayed. I reek of broken dreams & recycled air. My perfume? Eau de Despair.  Someone rubbed up against me. I’m pretty […]

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Getting all Christmassy w Cruelty Free Red Lipstick


I can’t do my makeup to save my life. In theory I have images of the perfect smokey eye and a strong eyebrow game. In practice? A wonky brow and some very weak attempt at a cat’s eye. Maybe some cream blusher smeared asymmetrically in the vague direction of my cheekbones. Highlighter? Don’t make me […]

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Christmas in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District: More festive than a reindeer reunion


Toronto takes Christmas seriously. The whole of Nathan Phillips Square outside City Hall becomes an outdoor ice rink, and the Toronto Christmas Market turns the Distillery District into a hipster winter wonderland . There’s a neon-lit merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, and a 52 foot Norway Spruce tree decorated with oversized baubles bigger than my head. It’s so festive […]

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Ho ho ho, Merry Vegan Christmas at the Toronto Vegan Winter Market


Twas the weekend before Christmas, and between working and trying to find the most festive shit to do or see in Toronto, I was exhausted.  The city has at 5 Christmas markets currently running, from the slightly hipster Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District to the big Holiday Fair outside City Hall in Nathan Phillips […]

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