An Opinionated #OOTD: Vintage and green


I’m not plus sized. I fall within the “standard” sizes on the high street, and even when I don’t it’s usually my boobs that don’t fit. I can buy clothes in most high street retailers, though some are a bit more of a squeeze than others. I fully support the need for plus-sizing, and that #DropThePlus […]

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Last Ditch Effort to See Stuff? #EdFringe2016 Recommendations


This year’s Fringe is well underway, and I’ve still only managed to see a handful of shows. A couple of improv comedy gems, a Canadian stand up team, and one gig. If I’m completely honest, I find the Fringe a bit frustrating at times, and a bit overwhelming. I mean, who has the time to […]

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Rebranding: A step too far?

This morning, I saw something pop up on my Facebook feed that confused me a little, and the more I thought about it, the more it began to annoy me. Apparently men are posting photos of themselves on social media wearing nail varnish and using the hashtag #malepolish. Silly, right? Why is masculinity, or should […]

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Edinburgh Fringe: 8 Survival Tips for Locals


The other day, I tried to buy cat food. This isn’t usually a momentous event in my day, in fact I can usually go months without feeling the need to mention the purchase of kitty kibble on my blog. However, this fateful day my poor beleaguered feline ran out of Whiskas was also the day […]

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Best things I’ve eaten so far this month: a tenuous Edinburgh Fringe post


Confession time folks: I am not one of those super-organised people with a proper plan for Edinburgh Fringe every summer, with lists of shows to see and events to go to. As far as my diary goes this month, I have Foodies tomorrow, a couple of exhibitions at my gallery Flamingosaurus Rex, maybe a gig […]

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All things bright and colourful: Colour Elements event


I love colour. My hair changes hue weekly, my wardrobe is arranged by rainbow, and even my bookshelves are in chromatic order. I own an art gallery. I think it’s safe to say that colour is very much a part of my life. Last month I had a chance to go to the Colour Elements […]

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Why I like to write alone

A few months ago I was chatting to a fellow blogger, who suggested we “hang out and blog together”. They thought it might be motivating to have a real life blogging buddy; not someone who could encourage from afar with the occasional tweet of “you can do it babes!” and remind us to post at […]

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