#Blogtober 21: Consent isn’t just for sex, it’s everything


Some men make me very uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure that isn’t news to any person who identifies as a woman, and even amongst my group of friends it’s a fairly regular sentiment. Overfamiliarity is something I struggle with from others, so there is nothing I absolutely abhor more than being “chatted up”. The second I […]

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#Blogtober 20: Coloured Hair, Everywhere 


I’ve had coloured hair ever since I was 13, when I first discovered Clairol’s now discontinued Glints and henna. My best friend and I destroyed my mum and dad’s bathroom applying that gloopy, messy paste to our heads and accidentally our faces, our hands, and the walls. I’m pretty sure my parents deciding to redecorate their […]

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#Blogtober 19: Be your best Harley


Every Halloween there is that one popular costume, the pop culture reference point for the year. Elbow your way through the crowd at any club night or house party and you’ll see a familiar sea of women dressed in that year’s film reference. There are YouTube tutorials on how to do the makeup, blog posts […]

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#Blogtober 18:#OOTD Frilly socks and dresses worn backwards


I got my first pair of frilly socks when I was 6. My parents took me to Hong Kong for the summer, and I spied a pair of white chaussettes with pink lace trim and a satin bow in a department store. It was love at first sight. I’d like to say my taste in […]

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#Blogtober 17: Dust off Your Dancing Shoes


My taste in music hasn’t changed hugely since high school. I’ll always find new bands and artists to like, but my favourites when I was fifteen are still high up on my list of faves now. Take NIN, for example. I was a massive Trent Reznor fangirl when I was a wee goth teenager, and […]

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#Blogtober 16: Independent Designers at Hannah Zakari (Grassmarket, Edinburgh)


I love independent shops. There’s nothing like buying a one-off piece that you won’t see on anyone else, and the fact something has been created with care by an individual rather than in a factory production line really makes me happy to own it. The thing is, sometimes the one-of-a-kind unique items of clothing aren’t […]

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