Raindrops, roses, kitten whiskers: A few of my favourite things


Remember how we thought the year was just crawling by so slowly? Remember spring and summer? Early autumn? Remember when Halloween seemed so far away and you had months, weeks, days to make a costume? Then November crept up on you like a sleazy dude in a club, “accidentally” touched your butt and pretended it was no big deal. What the […]

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#OOTD: Autumnal As Fox


We’re one day away from December and I waded through an ankle-deep river of frosty leaves just to walk my dog this morning. It was…uh…delightful. I’m a couple of months late for an “Autumn OOTD” post, but y’all probably don’t come here expecting some classic season-appropriate fashion inspiration. I mean my last few outfit posts included a denim […]

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Newbie Vegan? 5 Handy Tips for going Plant-based & Cruelty-free


Over a year ago I took the plunge and stopped consuming animal products. I went from being an omni who “didn’t eat much meat” to vegan in a matter of months, with a wee pit stop at vegetarianism. It wasn’t something that happened overnight for me and I was really and truly going in blind. […]

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New hair colour inspiration: Barney the Purple Dinosaur


How long has my hair been green for? Well, because of this blog and my uncontrollable urge to document every major hair transformation on Instagram, I can now confirm I embraced my mermaid self on the 16th of June. Yes, I nearly made it to the half year mark staying with one colour palette. I […]

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The Fallacy of the Faux Feminist Ally


When I first began to identify as a feminist, things were all shiny and new. Aren’t all women wonderful? I bet all of us feminists agree on EVERYTHING. And feminist men? Wow. They’re so enlightened. So wonderful. Fast forward a year and I’m a little more versed in feminist ideology, I’ve interacted with more fellow […]

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Gone Antiquing


Last week I spent a morning wedged between Edwardian wardrobes and Victorian dressers, trying not to knock over Art Deco glassware. I tripped over a wine rack holding a set of almost complete Czechoslovakian tea set and I didn’t break a thing, except maybe my dignity. I brushed layers of dust off marble. I sneezed, a lot. I […]

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