Minty makeover: how a flamingo became a palm tree

I’ll admit right now that when I do a “beauty post”, it will probably result in a massive change or something pretty insane.  Today I am sharing with you my new hair colour, which I’d already hinted at earlier today on my Twitter and Instagram.  Like I said, change is afoot!

I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 13, using Body Shop hennas at first, going through an extreme highlighted look I paired with extreme 90s Gwen Stefani eyebrows in my teens and then a punky phase (think Green Day and Newfound Glory rather than the Sex Pistols) of pink, then purple, and an ill-advised Smurfy manic panic blue.  I even did the dip dyed look a few years ago with fire engine red before the whole multicoloured look took off.

I decided to go purple-tinged for my birthday party this year, and haven’t looked back since with the rainbow locked look.  Last month I finally got rid of the purple, replacing it with flamingo pink.  “Pinkissimo” by Crazy Colour, to be precise.  I was in good hands with my favourite colourist Angie from the Beauty Works in Edinburgh, who patiently stripped layers of blues, lavenders, violets and magentas from my hair one afternoon.

But ah, change should be embraced.  This morning I decided to get my colour touched up at Bleach London (located in the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street), because I follow these guys on Instagram and they do some spectacular things with dye.  I’d intended to get some sort of multi tonal pink situation, but my lovely stylist handed me a minty green swatch and commented on how utterly amazing it would look with my colouring AND my go-to hot pink By Terry lipstick.

Here is my “before” shot.  Full on flamingo, am I right?

Here I am getting all bleached up and ready to get all minted up.

I started to channel my inner leprechaun at this point; we decided on a darker emerald green for my roots and that beautiful mint for the rest of my head.  We used “Pine Green” by Crazy Colour and “Sea Punk”, a Bleach London colour.

I must admit, I was so nervous waiting for the result of this “experiment”, as I’d convinced myself that I wouldn’t suit green with my Asian skin tone.  However, when it came time for the big reveal…

…wait for it…


How amazing does that look??  I am so happy with the new green look, and I kept catching my reflection all afternoon, checking myself out!  Incidentally, I went straight from the salon to the Apollo Victoria to see a matinee of Wicked with a friend, so either my timing couldn’t have been better or couldn’t have been worse!

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