Showing some blogger love 

This is long overdue, but reading  so many beautiful posts by some of my favourite bloggers about some of their favourites has given me a serious dose of the warm and fuzzy feelings.

I had a shit start to the week. Woke up on Monday to a few awful comments on my FB from some rather ignorant people. These wonderful bloggers cheered me up; they pretty much saved my good mood.
I love these amazing, inclusive, fabulous feminists, & I am so proud to call them friends.

The Olive Fox

Suzy Marie & Beth are the loveliest, and their blog is an online hub of awesomeness. I followed both of their individual blogs way before I actually “met” them on Twitter and now I start pretty much every day with a bit of Olive Fox love. Everybody should.

Zusterschap & Cattitude&co

I’ve had the utmost honour of writing for Zusterschap (brainchild of Tara & Katherine), and these two are a big part of the reason I have the confidence to write.

Tara is one of the most fabulous feminists I know, and I love love LOVE her personal blog. Sexpositive, period-positive, body-positive; I respect the hell out of this incredible lady.


I can’t believe I’ve only known Terry for a few months. She’s honestly one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, I love her to bits. Every time we chat we find yet another thing we have in common, and I realise just how fantastic this girl is. I know Terry doesn’t technically consider herself to be a blogger but believe me, she can seriously write.

Filthy Paws & Silky Drawers

If you want take-no-shit directness in calling out the patriarchy (which oh yes, I do), Sophie is one of my faves! Not to mention she wrote this amazing blog post as a response to “that” Cosmo shitstorm.

Did I mention Sophie is a fellow Scot? Like there aren’t enough reasons to love her. *hums Flower of Scotland, out of tune*

Happy Little Syllables

Rachel is hilarious. Like, this is the person who came up with/inspired “Bloggers Flatlaying the Patriarchy”. There are few people who get my sense of humour quite like she does. So I guess that I should say she’s “long-suffering Rachel”, as I owe her a 5 paragraph comment on her latest blog post. Brace yourself.

Princess Parasox

How much do I love Jenna’s blog name? A lot. Her writing is honest, witty, and no-holds-barred. I’m very excited to be doing a collab with her later this month, but in the meantime, check out her awesome blog.

Forest Mermaid

Can I just say how excited I am to get to hang out with the lovely Polly this month? She is one of the most supportive bloggers ever, and she is an honest to goodness mermaid!


Katie has a knack for finding all the nerdy things I’ll then become obsessed with. Like, did you know there’s a Gamer Girl subscription box? Well I do now, and this is probably one of the reasons I’m always broke. It’s amazing to have someone to geek out over fandom love over!

Meghan Sara 

I love pretty much everything Meghan writes, and she has that New Yorker sense of humour I miss. Like, east coast wit can’t be beat. Neither can her takes on feminism whilst loving reality TVreassessing how we misuse the word “hoe”, and the Femternet.

Sarah in Wonderland

Sarah Willow is a sweetheart. I could actually just say those words and anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of meeting her would be nodding along in agreement. She is basically the reason my friend Sienna got Bloglovin, and rightly so. Her blog posts make me smile and they make me cry. Sarah is just an incredible person.


I met Brooke-Elise through the #BdibNA Twitter chats because apparently I don’t sleep. I am so glad I joined these, because Brooke has the most incredible positive energy. Trust me, it comes out in her writing in spades. 

Well folks, that’s it for my first ever Show-some-blogging-love post, and I enjoyed writing it so much that I will most definitely be doing more of these soon! Not to mention there are so many great blogs and bloggers I follow that I just couldn’t even begin to fit them all in one post! Y’all know I would like nothing more than to hang out with you IRL, right? Xxx

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