Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival: All about the Girls

Can I have a nerd girl moment please? Now this has been all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds today and I wanted to talk about my thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival.

Rory and Lorelei

The biggest news seems to be that the trifecta of Rory’s boyfriends will be back. Yes, that’s right; Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki and Matt Czuchry have all been confirmed for the new 4-part Netflix series. Everybody has been going batshit. Who will Rory end up with? Will the series open with one of these likely lads on her arm? WHO WILL IT BE??? So I thought it would be a good time to drop my two cents worth on the subject.

First of all, I am way more excited about the full list of returning GG alum than I am about who Rory may or may not be dating. I might be the odd one out amongst GG fans, but this wasn’t a show with any obvious ‘ships for me. I loved Rory and Lorelei; I adored the dynamic between them and the Gilmore grandparents. I wished I could live in Stars Hollow and hang out with their awesome friends. For me, the love interests came second to the utterly fabulous Kirk, and the delightfully grumpy Michel. I wanted to eat fries at Luke’s diner, get told off for using my cell phone, overhear Miss Patty and Babette gossiping on the street, and eat one of Sookie’s awesome meals. For me, the love interests came second best to the very real platonic relationships this show did so well.

I could take or leave Rory in any pairing, and whilst I know that each and every one of these guys made sense for her as a person at the time, I’d like to believe that she and Lorelei rode off into the sunset as the awesome mother-and-daughter duo that they were. That was what the show was about for me. I felt like the women of Gilmore Girls didn’t fit into conventional ‘ships easily because it was more the men on the show who depended on them.

I came to Gilmore Girls late; I was never part of the fandom when the show was actually on. I never actually watched an episode until 2008, a full year after Lorelei and Rory drank their last cup of coffee (or so we thought). Binge watched all 153 glorious episodes in under a month. I loved everything about the show, and even the ending was pretty damned perfect in my eyes. I remember reading an interview (Michael Ausiello I believe) with Lauren Graham, and she voiced exactly what I’d been feeling about that last-episode-series-finale.

“This is a show that is ultimately about these girls. It started with this mother-daughter relationship, and we haven’t been a show where big events happen.”
How many long-running shows felt the need to pair off the title characters at series finale? I loved what some might consider ambiguity at Rory’s “status”, because to me there was nothing ambiguous about it. She had graduated Yale and was off on awesome adventures; she had a career and the future everyone who had watched the show through its 8 seasons had been waiting for. Did she need a man at her side? Did she fuck.

How many prime time tv shows can you think of where the focus, the focus, is on two independent, interesting, 3-dimensional women…without trying to marry them off? I feel with so many programmes, no matter how strong or how independent our female protagonist is, her dating life is a fucking time bomb culminating in a massive life-changing event. I’m not sure how realistic I find the act of marriage to be as an “ending” to any sort of era, if I’m honest. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch. You know what, this story was about Lorelei and it was about Rory, and sure they had relationships – important ones too, character-defining ones even – but the story was about them.

I am so excited to see what the writers come up with for the revival of one of my favourite shows, but I will cry big fat angry tears if this becomes a frantic romcom rush to pair off the perfectly imperfect Gilmore Girls.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival: All about the Girls

  1. Same same same here. It would be weird if Dean didn’t return (he still lives in Stars Hollow, right?) but why do we need Richy Rich? I am happy that Jess is returning because he was the best 3-dimensional “boyfriend” character on the show but you’re so right, the show was never ABOUT boyfriends (until the last season when ugh I just stopped watching ugh college Rory). It was about her grandparents and her mom and Luke and Babette and SOOKIE! WHY ISN’T SOOKIE COMING BACK?!?!? If Lane doesn’t come back with her band I will be the most disappointed, she was bae.

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