Pit stop at YOOBI TEMAKERIA, London

Yoobi Temakeria (38 Lexington Street, Soho)
is just round the corner from where I’m staying in Soho, and the effects of my lovely breakfast at Kin had worn off. I was hungry and in need of a snack.

The spicy vegetable miso soup comes in the most perfect chunky bowl. I love miso and could eat it all the time, but why do we not make it spicy more often? It was delicious. Fresh shelled edemame, broccoli, carrots, tofu. So simple. Go the way of the chilli, follow the chilli.


Sushi is usually quite boring if you’re vegetarian or vegan; can we say plain cucumber and avocado maki? I loooove an avocado maki but I wouldn’t mind some variety, maybe some other vegetables please. It almost feels like most sushi places add one token veggie option because they don’t feel vegetarians or vegans would choose to eat there, but if they explored the possibilities of the humble aubergine of the asparagus, they might come up with something a little less bland that fucking cucumber and rice. 

Yoobi has their Temaki in 3 categories: Simple, Special and Deluxe. Temaki is a traditional Japanese hand roll, or as my wee nephew calls is, a seaweed ice cream cone. 

In each category there is a veggie option (though the deluxe sundried tomato roll contains cream cheese, so isn’t vegan). I went for the avocado and asparagus with baby spinach, carrots and white miso. 

It was so worth it. I’m not going to lie, I had lunch about 20 minutes later. London makes me hungry, what can I say! 

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