BEDM Day 1: Weekend at Grassmarket Vintage

We’ve had a few solid spring days in the past couple of weeks, borderline beer garden afternoons that made the last few brutal winter months almost worth it. 

Winter is simultaneously one of my busiest times at work and one of my least motivated. I struggle to blog consistently when it’s cold and dreary outside because I struggle to do anything. I miss bright, crisp Canadian winters and it seems my two weeks home at Christmas didn’t do much to help. 

May always feels like the start of spring to me. So I’ve signed myself up for Rosalilium’s BEDM challenge to blog every day this month. Every. Day.

So to start things off I thought I’d share a wee snapshot into what I got up to this weekend. I’ve been working hard on getting my design studio and shop ready for launch night in a few weeks but managed to take a few hours off yesterday to enjoy the sun and the Grassmarket Vintage Weekend. One of my favourite people in the world was modelling in the fashion show, so how could I miss it? 

I just love bright and pastel coloured cars, so obviously I had to check out these beauties!


I’m a huge fan of vintage fashion, so this show was definitely my cup of tea. All those sunny colours! These were courtesy of Godiva and Armstrongs, two of my fave shops to have a rummage in Edinburgh.


Everybody looked fabulous! It was the perfect day for it, the ideal break from a weekend of work!  ❤️❤️❤️


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