BEDM Day 6: I Dream of Shapes photo shoot 

I’ve had the loveliest and busiest couple of days, organising a photo shoot featuring some of my favourite Scottish bloggers, and also finally meeting the fabulous Sophie from Sophia Violet!

The shoot was to showcase some gorgeous pieces from one of my shop’s designer brands, I Dream of Shapes. So what better way then to get some blogger friends to come round, drink prosecco, and let them loose on a rack of the new collection? I got to catch up with some of my  fave people AND we got some gorgeous shots of Sam and Lorna’s pieces. Win-win, right? 

I managed to snap some wee behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot whilst the super talented James from Keyte Photography worked his magic. 

1. Emily from  Frankly Ms Shankly and Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations doing their makeup before the cameras came out.

2. Sophie working some makeup wizardry

3. Ruth from Urbanity Blog and Kimberley checking out their outfits in the mirror

4. The adorable Little Katie

5. Kimberley

6. Ruth

6. Emily terrifying Katie with her Sith Stare

7. Emily and Katie

8. Jen from Tartan Brunette doing her patented hair flick. Here she is getting photo bombed by my dog

9. Cera from Cera Kamonji, in the softest blue top I’ve ever seen 

10. A selfie break with Kimberley and Jen

11. Cera looking fabulous!

12. Katie having a peek at her pics

13. Sophie! This girl has the most beautiful eyes!

14. It’s hard to do group shots when you have a diva of a dog wanting to get into the action!

15. Emily!

16. And TWIRL!

17. The look so beautiful! And yes, my dog is STILL trying to be the centre of attention!

I hope you all enjoyed these! We had so much fun doing the shoot (puppy included) and I can’t wait to see the finished shots! Check out our models on their blogs, and the shop on Instagram!

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