BEDM Day 11: My dog is sassy and he loves Odds & Ends (Polwarth)

This morning I had to take my beloved PuppyMonster to the vet; his sore paw was just getting worse, he’s not been able to go out on proper walks and it’s been really hard on him. When they told me he would have to be put in the kennels for a couple hours before his operation, I started crying. Then he started whimpering. The vet took pity on the both of us so in the end they gave him a local anaesthetic to take the bit of glass out of his foot. 

Now Rhod may be a bit of a wuss, but he handled it like a trooper. So proud of my little guy. He’s now sporting some spiffy new legwear for his troubles.

We decided to stop in Odds and Ends coffee house on our way home, as I’d spotted the Dogs Welcomr sign in the window. Just a cup of tea, I said. Just a quick one. 

Then I noticed the vegan Union of Genius soups on the menu. Armenian lentil and apricot, I believe it was. The owner told us unfortunately soups aren’t ready until 11:30, but the hummus and sundried tomato bagel was on the cards.

Rhod had a wee sniff about the resident puppy, Seymour. They were both given slices of ham – my baby because he was injured, and Seymour because he’s part of the management team.

Well one cup of tea turned into a sesame seed bagel with hummus and sundried tomatoes for this salad-hating vegan, which turned into a bagel AND a bowl of soup. And a cup of tea.

Pooch and I loved everything about this place. The sun spot. The comfy armchairs. That warm industrial vibe that manages to hit that perfect balance that so few places get right. The fact that my tea came with a decent amount of soy milk.

Rhod mostly enjoyed the free ham.

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