BEDM Day 19: The Arches (Edinburgh)

It’s rare that I’ll go to a blogger event and post about it the same night, in fact it’s pretty much unheard of. I had such a fabulous time tonight though that I couldn’t resist!

This evening I got to go to an evening at The Arches on Market Street, just behind Waverley station. The last time I was there the individual arches were still stripped back to their bare stone walls, before the area was developed into shops, bars and restaurants. Edinburgh is notoriously difficult for renewing abandoned sites (*cough cough the fire damaged Gilded Balloon/La Belle Angele*) and I’ve always felt it a bit sad that this area behind the train station just sat derelict for so many years.

The whole place has a vibrant urban feel to it, but they’ve kept the beautiful stone arches within the individual units. It’s given a cohesive element to the design whilst still allowing for each brand’s unique style. It’s something that works so well in heritage sites and I’m kinda hoping we can see a bit more of it in the Burgh.

I met up with some of my favourite ladies from our #ScotGalGang Twitter group to head over together, as quite frankly none of us had any idea where we were going! I chat to Emily, Kimberley, Jen and Alana almost every single day. Every. Single. Day. Let that sink in and then send them your sympathy.
There was booze and chocolate and pretty flowers…

There was somebody doing caricatures on walls…
Can we take a minute to reflect on hie much fun that must have been to DRAW ON WALLS?? I guess I’m just a small child at heart, but that just looked like so much fun!

We stopped in at Lauren Gollan Academy of Makeup Artistry, where they managed to work some kind of witchcraft on my normally meh eyebrows. Kimberley of course looked stunning as always. Emily and I got a little weird.

Poor Kimberley kept missing the free food being handed out, so we all decided to go on a hunt. It became a thing. I plan to do a collage of pics entitled “Kim posing with snacks”. Watch this space.

Alana had spotted some fresh doughnuts at Baba Budan, so obviously we had to check them out because who doesn’t love doughnuts?? Have you ever seen someone fill a jelly doughnut? Well I have. I can safely say I was there when the magic happened.

At Baba Budan we ran into the lovely Joe. I’ve this guy for a few years and he makes the BEST cold filtered espresso martinis. I’m not even a little embarrassed to admit I kept coming back for more of these, which were delicious. 

Joe has had a lot of coffee today. Joe looks rather happy.

At this point, powered by prosecco and caffeine, Kimberley decided to get her cartoon self added to the wall at YourGB Events.

Here’s RealKim…

Aaaaand here’s CartoonKim!

I had such a wonderful night, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a Thursday night than with these lovely ladies. I’ve got a massive grin on my face, and yes, I’m still ecstatic about my eyebrows.

3 thoughts on “BEDM Day 19: The Arches (Edinburgh)

  1. It looks like a fab night! I am super excited to check out The Arches as it looks lovely, but my next girl date is taking one of my friends to Bruntsfield for cake and to visit a certain fab new gallery there…

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