BEDM Day 25: That time I got over my fear of tequila at CandyBar (Edinburgh)

I’ll be honest, the past few days have just been a bit of a comedown from my fabulous weekend in London. So when one of my favourite people asked if I fancied a wee shopping trip today, of course I was freaking delighted! 

After a wee wander around Primark, where I bought some utterly ridiculous by completely adorable hair pom-poms, we decided to head to CandyBar for fajitas and margaritas. Which rhymes. I am currently singing the words “fajitas and margaritas” to the tune of the Bananas in Pyjamas theme, just to set the scene.

First off, the margaritas were delicious. It’s not a drink I usually go for because tequila PETRIFIES me. It’s something I drank when I was at uni, but then again we also thought Aftershock would be a good idea back then so there’s no accounting for taste. I’m usually a gin cocktail drinker, maybe rum or vodka, but tequila I stay away from. How could I not remember that when you freeze those babies and add enough lime juice to hide my terror that they actually taste…nice?

I went for the vegetable fajitas, which I ordered without sour cream and cheese because, well, I’m vegan. Emily ordered the chicken fajita without salsa and guacamole. Here’s where things went a bit awry. Our waitress brought over two plates of tortilla wraps with our condiments – and both had a couple of wraps, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. As nothing was actually touching, we just removed the bits we couldn’t eat and swapped plates. Still, it wasn’t ideal. If I order my food without cheese, it should really come without the cheese. Especially as I also ordered sweet potato fries sans sour cream, so it should have been obvious that I didn’t want any dairy in my food. 

The actual fajitas arrived, sizzling and perfectly seasoned. It was a pretty huge portion of veg, so when I ran out of tortilla I just without an iota of shame ate the rest naked*. Emily’s chicken fajita came with just as much veg as mine did, but she mentioned there wasn’t that much meat in hers so she might as well have ordered the veggie version. Again, what was there was tasty, but could have done with a more oomph. I guess we just expected a bit more to be honest. Also would it hurt to chuck us another wrap or two? I’ve had this issue with a few places that serve fajitas, as there is almost NEVER enough wrap to filling. 

The sweet potato fries were fabulous, and the presentation in CandyBar paper was cute. Emily had a lot of praise for her coconut chicken as well, so I wonder if the halfhearted fajitas were due to there being a £9 Mexican food offer on tonight. As the actual food was done well, I just found it a bit disappointing that they managed to fall short on the wee details. An extra plate would have helped as well, as we had to assemble our food in our hands!

I’d not been in to CandyBar since they had a refurb a few years ago, and the new aesthetic was just the right side of quirky with confectionary references and a fun new colour scheme. Hmm…I wonder if Candy Factory can be classed as a design theme? 

We loved the drinks, loved the way the place looks, definitely loved the flamingo graffiti outside. I’d go back for the cocktails, but the fajitas were a bit of a no-go for me. 

*The fajitas were naked. I wasn’t. I was more or less as fully clothed as I ever am.

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