BEDM Day 28: #SummerOfMatcha Matcha-melon smoothie (Recipe)

I love tea. I really really love tea. It’s in my Twitter bio, says right there I am a fan of the stuff. Not just the everyday (soy) milky black tea I drink by the gallon, but also green tea, herbal infusions, and of course the almighty matcha. This stuff is rocket fuel! I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but when I need a kick in the butt a matcha latte usually sorts me right out. Can I make a latte at home? Ha! I can barely use a cafetiere, much less do anything with frothed milk. My latte game is poor. My froth is limp.


When the lovely Emily at Frankly Ms Shankly told me that EatCleanTea was looking for bloggers to take part in their #SummerOfMatcha, I was pretty excited. I mean, best case scenario I might win something, but *worst* case scenario I get some free tea. Who doesn’t love free tea? It’s pretty much a win-win situation. You might be thinking “well this Emily person gets mentioned a lot in that Cheesecake Chick’s blog posts”, and you’d be right. She’s one of my besties. There are more photos of us hanging out together than any other subject on my Instagram, other than of course tea and vegan food. It also helps that she is as photogenic as a matcha latte or a vegan cupcake, which is pretty spectacular if you ask me. Anyways, I digress. Matcha.


I just love things that are accidentally good for you, and matcha is one of those things. I love the ceremony of it, mixing that gorgeous green powder with water with a special whisk, watching it turn like magic into a delicious cup of tea.


As I can’t make fancy latte art to save my life, the idea of creating a summery drink featuring the Almighty Matcha really appealed to me. I can work a blender! I know aaaall about smoothies! I can make this work!

My favourite thing to drink in the summer is watermelon juice, which might be a throwback to spending my summers in the sweltering Hong Kong heat as a kid. If you say summer, I’ll instantly think of watermelons. My parents struggled to get me to drink water as I found it “boring”, but as every juice bar in the city clocked on that the next best thing was watermelon (clue is in the name), I could get through 4 or 5 of these delicious drinks a day. A sort of internal air conditioner, keeping this wee sprog hydrated and happy in +40 degree weather.


So here is my recipe for a summery drink featuring matcha. A Matcha-melon smoothie that I *accidentally* matched my manicure to, and that took about 5 minutes to make. You can add crushed ice if you like. the raspberries are optional, and the maple syrup is a nod to my Canadian heritage. Manicure was done by the talented Zara-Leoni at CutieCool Nails in Edinburgh, who loves doing nail art. She can do other fruit as well, just in case watermelons ain’t your thing ;-).


The recipe “serves 2”. but I basically drank the whole lot myself because I am greedy. Sorry.


2 scoops of matcha 
1/2 a watermelon, in chunks 
A handful of raspberries 
A splash of fresh lime juice (ok, 1/2 a tsp if you want to be exact)
1/2 tsp maple syrup 

For Matcha sugar rim: 
1 heaped tbsp white granulated sugar 
2 scoops matcha 


Throw the matcha, watermelon, raspberries, lime juice and maple syrup into a blender. Blend it. Bleeeeeeend it. Make it all smooth.

To make the sugar rim, mix sugar and matcha on a plate. Rub the rim of a glass with the lime and then gently press it against the sugar mixture.

Serve your smoothie with a wedge of watermelon, if you remembered to leave a wedge of watermelon for garnish. But then remember you’ve done a pretty sugar rim on that glass, so that’s garnish enough.

Now as per competition rules, I was to take a picture of myself with a matcha stripe on my face. I improvised. Also I am a bit of a weirdo and thought I’d put a coconut in the lime for a change.

** Now as I’ve not done a post like this before, I thought I’d include that this was done as part of a competition and EatCleanTea sent me the sample to play around with. It’s not sponsored, I didn’t get any money to do it, but I did get free matcha.

One thought on “BEDM Day 28: #SummerOfMatcha Matcha-melon smoothie (Recipe)

  1. I have all of this in my house, sans matcha. There’s a Japanese market right by my house and the amount of things I don’t need, but need (boba, red bean paste cherry blossom stuffed cake things, etc.) Is a little crazy. But I need this. I need to make this!

    // Growing Up Molly

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