Blog posts I loved last month (aka things not written by me)

I really enjoyed doing #BEDM in May, though believe me it was hard going some days. Days I wasn’t feeling great, days I didn’t feel like I had much to say, and some days I was too busy, or out with friends. Some days I wrote my daily blog post with a cocktail in my hand, frantically *attempting* to edit my photos in a bar with no wifi signal. It feels almost strange to write a blog post without the hashtag in the title.


In May I caught up on some blog reading, some written by my friends and some by folk I’d never met before. There were things that made me think and things that made me laugh, and some things that put into words way better than I ever could. So here were some of my favourites. I have more, but I also understand y’all have jobs and lives and would probably be sitting here forever if I listed every single one.


Emily at Frankly Ms Shankly


Katie at Little Kaatie


Suzy & Beth at The Olive Fox


Sophie at Sophia Violet Blog


Tara at Cattitude & Co


Zusterschap at Zusterschap Collective


Laila at Tape Parade


Kimberley & Helen at Wardrobe Conversations 


Rachel at Happy Little Syllables


Meghan Sara at Meghan Sara


Jess at Jessthetics


Ruth at Urbanity


Jess at Jessica: Sexuality Journeys

  • Mental Health and Dating
  • Tinder Troubles: Sobering Nights


Mandy at Exist to Resist


Jemma at Jemma Eat World


Louise at The Little Things 








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