The Little Mermaid: Hair Transformation

I have had pink hair for awhile now. For me, “awhile” means since before Christmas, which is when I think I made the leap from blue. I can’t even remember anymore, I’m like a mood ring or one of those Hypercolour t-shirts from the 90s. I’m not even too sure what my natural hair colour is anymore.

On a whim I decided to go for a mint green; I was looking back at photos from September and really fancied something a little more mermaidy, so last minute before my hair appointment I rushed down to Applejack to grab a few tubs of Manic Panic. My obsession with Manic Panic hasn’t really waned since high school, when I used to stare longingly at the candy colours which couldn’t possibly “take” on my dark hair. My go-to colour then was one of the deeper reds, which I *just* got away with at school without too much of a telling off. My best friend had sneakily lightened her dark brown hair and told teachers the new purple colour was an accident. We all knew better.

The colours I went for this time were Venus Envy (an almost metallic leprechaun green) and Siren’s Song (a bright seafoam mint). My poor hairdresser had to put up with me snapping selfies every step of the way throughout the whole process.

My old hair colour was a faded Flamingo Pink, also a Manic Panic colour. I’d been trying to strip the dye out with a deterge shampoo, but these shades last VERY well. The colour you see in these photos is actually after 4 days of me religiously fucking with my hair to try to get the pink out, so please excuse the dry and frazzled aesthetic I have going on here. The pastel pink was actually pretty fabulous itself, but it was a total accident.

My roots were the first to go. My hair grows extraordinarily fast, and the 3 months of growth were really getting out of hand. They were bleached to an almost white-blonde, and the in-between result actually looked rather pretty with white roots and a pink ombre. I could have stuck with that, but nope, we weren’t even halfway done at this point.

The ends were then stripped of pink with more bleach. So. Much. Bleach. My head was tingling like mad.

The minty colour was applied to most of my hair, except a layer underneath that was sectioned off. I wanted a multi tonal look without going ombre to prevent uneven fading. My hair usually fades to a dip dye anyways after a couple of weeks. I’d decided to get a fringe again so for fun went for the darker green in front.

Then I sat. I sat and waited for a looming time. Caught up on emails. Did some work. Checked my Twitter and Facebook 20 times. Watched some cute kitten videos.

Ta-Dal! Mermaid hair! The end colour was even prettier than I’d hoped, and I’ve not been able to stop looking at it in the mirror since. I am SO vain ;-). I took the second photo in my flat as the lighting was better.

Massive thanks to Angie at The Beauty Works in Corstorphine for making it happen!

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