Kitten Kollege: A Guide to Neutering your Floof

I have a confession to make.

I am *coughcough* a prolific sharer of kitten pics. Videos, memes, candid snaps of photogenic felines. I am partial to a bit of floof. My own long-suffering cat MaoMao has been papped more often than the Kardashians, and now the poor thing adopts a sullen eye-roll every time I point my iPhone in her direction. Very emo.

My parents lived in a condo with a strict no-pet policy when I was growing up, and though my mum would humour me with the occasional meow, she wasn’t exactly into the whole small, squirmy thing that shed hair all over her apartment. I mean she already had me to deal with.

When I moved out I think nobody was shocked I adopted a cat. This wee munchkin has seen more drunken students than Freshers Week (sorry Princess!) but she’s always been a wee social butterfly. She purrs like a wee demon, her fashion sense is impeccable, and  at the ripe old age of 16 she still somehow manages to rule my house with an iron paw. She even once helped me find my passport, which is what eventually won over my mum and dad.

I genuinely had no idea how to care for a kitten when Ms Mao moved in, so my flatmate presented me with an ancient book on how to live in harmony with a cat. The book was older then me. I basically got as far as “buy a litter tray and fill it with litter” before Ms Mao decided to take over her own training. She’s always been a strong, independent semi-outdoor kitty so she demanded a cat flap and no curfew, and she would have to be spayed.

I didn’t think it would be terribly responsible of me to unleash the beast on the unsuspecting public without getting the little darling neutered, so off she went for a wee snip. If she wanted to go out exploring on her own, with so many kitties in the neighbourhood it just made sense. Did I want an expected litter of kittens? Was MaoMao ready for motherhood? Did I want her to be exposed to the risk of feline diseases? Nope, nope and NOPE. Not to mention cat shelters are already full of wee flooofs desperate to be adopted and not enough people out there wanting to give them a home.

There was an ongoing joke in our flat that all of our cats (over the years me and my flatmates owned MaoMao, Molson, Moochie, and Mr Gilbert Flufferson) looked so similar that one of our friends took a cat to the vet to be spayed, only to find out it was the wrong one. I’m *pretty* sure that was a myth, but they did all have a certain aesthetic. Monochrome moggies were a theme at mine. Dress code required.

It always helps to teach important life lessons through the medium of fluffy kitties, so Whiskas have put together a series of adorable informative “Kitten Kollege” videos for anyone with a new kitten in their lives, or even just the urge to get one. This one on the importance of neutering is a rather cute way of tacking the topic.

Now go forth kitties! Go forth, but don’t multiply!

This post was written in collaboration with Whiskas. All words, images and opinions are my own. I mean MaoMao’s.

One thought on “Kitten Kollege: A Guide to Neutering your Floof

  1. …is it just me who’s reading euphemisms that SIMPLY AREN’T THERE into that post title?!

    Anyway. Yes to all of this. The Big Man actually got spayed early because, well, when we got him he was certainly living up to his name in the boyparts department. I didn’t know whether to be disturbed or proud.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

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