Life update: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged (though I did finally manage to post my Master Foodie Bucket List the other day. I went down to LDF for work like I do every year, and I spent an incredible three days checking out all the new emerging talents from around the world, chatting to people, and finally getting to meet some designers I’ve admired for a long time.

This last week has had its ups and downs, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of it. You might want to get a cup of tea for this, or something stronger ;-).

The Good

On the positive side of the coin, my parents were in town and my dad has finally started to understand my veganism. A little. Maybe it was the chat I’d had with my parents about how many of my old schoolfriends are now vegan or vegetarian, or maybe it was that incredible meal at Castle Terrace and the bite of my delicious meal he snuck when he thought I wasn’t looking. Whatever it was, I’m grateful. No more eye-rolling or derisive noises at my meat-free foodie choices. No more groans at “more tofu”. I’ve taken them to my favourite restaurants, and shown them it IS possible to feel full without eating fleshy food. I don’t think my dad will ever give up his omni diet, but just the fact he’s stopped complaining about “boring vegan food” is a step in the right direction. Thanks Hendersons Vegan, Nova Pizza, Castle Terrace, Moon and Hare, and all the other cafes and restaurants that helped show him how tasty cruelty-free food can be.


The Bad

One of my best friends had to go into hospital this week; now I’m not sure if she necessarily wants to be linked back in a blog post so I’ll leave it out, though if you know or follow her on social media you’ll probably have some idea of what’s been going on.

When I came back from London I got a text saying she was feeling unwell, and next thing we knew she was in hospital waiting for an operation. Thankfully it went well, but trust me, seeing pics of one of your favourite people looking even paler than usual with a freaking breathing mask on will make you worry. A LOT. I’ll be showering her with offerings of chocolate, doughnuts and every possible snack food I can get my grubby little mitts on over the next week, the poor wee popsicle.


The Ugly

I have lived in shared flats since my second year at uni. When I eventually bought my own place, for years I still rented out my spare rooms to friends and occasionally, friends of friends. I’ve had good flatmates, great flatmates, and some I’m glad I’ll never have to live with again. Some were great cooks, some were hilarious, some didn’t do the dishes, and occasionally I got one or two who just “forgot” to pay the rent.  Those ones didn’t last long. There was the girl who left 28 dirty coffee mugs under her bed when she moved out, and the other lass who threw used condoms in the drawers of her divan bed. People whose girlfriends or boyfriends moved in without contributing to rent or bills, or that one guy who moved out at 4am one morning owing 3 months of rent. NONE of them even came close to the shitstorm that happened this week.

I let someone move in who I didn’t know. To be fair, I’ve done this before, and ended up with one of the best flatmates for 3 years. Another time I moved in with a girl at art college I’d met days before, and she turned out to be lovely. I don’t have preconceptions about people and tend to give most folk a chance. This is one time I wish I hadn’t. I let her move in whilst I was away for work, but told her that one of the terms for the rent being so cheap was that she would have to chuck some food in the cat’s bowl twice a day. So what happened when I went away last weekend? I got a rather bizarre message from one of her relatives to say she’d gone back to her mum’s and they “hoped” my cat would be ok for a few days. Yes, she left an elderly kitty without food for 2 days whilst I was too far away to do anything about it! This is a person who claims to be “vegan for the animals”, and yet who couldn’t send a simple text so I could make other arrangements. The relative then “volunteered” to come feed my cat, but would you allow some stranger into your house unattended whilst you were away? Luckily my friend Matt, saver of cats and keeper of my sanity (as well as my spare keys), convinced his band mate to drive him home from their gig so he could come feed the fuzzbutt. He could have very easily been much further away though, and my baby would have been left starving.

Fast-forward to Tuesday night when I came home to find my iPad gone, money missing from my wallet, and this same girl with boxes packed and people helping to move them out. The last straw was when I walked into to find her unplugging the telly and attempting to carry it out of the room! It wasn’t hers! It belonged to me, the flat, hell maybe even the ex flatmate who decided he didn’t need it and told me to keep it, but it sure as hell wasn’t hers! I dread to think what else would have gone if I hadn’t come home when I did. There was shouting, there was screaming, there was one particularly aggressive female relative who got right in my face. Long story short, when they went outside with that one load of boxes, I locked the door from the inside and phoned the police. I started to receive a barrage of abusive texts from both her and her relatives, they started to throw sticks at my window, and a friend sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post put up by her aunt, a woman OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY MOTHER, telling all sorts of ill-conceived lies about me and asking people to unfriend me. Think about that for a minute. Someone who is over 50 years old thinks that throwing a tantrum on social media about “mutual friends” isn’t completely pathetic. She then proceeded to send me the most vitriolic message about my pets, so I just blocked her and waited for the police to come.

Phew! Needless to say that after all this, I really enjoyed a nice chilled day in my now blissfully quiet flat with one of my best friends yesterday, and then dinner with one of my faves. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’ve had a productive day and I’ll actually have a whole three days off in a row. Oh, and let’s not forget VegFest!

Join me on Saturday as I’ll be doing #BlogTober, so there will be a new post up every day for the whole month. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!



One thought on “Life update: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  1. That’s the thing with flatmates you never know how they’re going to turn out, some are amazing, other what nightmares are made of! I can’t believe she left your cat unfed then tried to nick off with your telly!! I hope she falls down a manhole! Did you even get the ipad back?? I guess at least she’s gone now and you get on.

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