#Blogtober 8: Don’t take the kitchen sink to a Wedding

I went to a wedding! One of my very favourite people got married yesterday at a beautiful ceremony at the Mining Institute in Newcastle. I love small, personal weddings as my family is HUGE. Every time a cousin gets married, all 600 of us firsts, seconds, and several-times-removed-barely-related relatives have to make the rounds and try to remember each others Chinese names. Hannah’s wedding was just perfect.

Somehow amongst all the festivities I slipped with my Blogtober responsibilities. I briefly considered blogging mid-wedding, but then had a stern word with myself as that would be RUDE. I got to catch up with old friends and dress up, and more importantly enjoy Hannah’s wedding! That’s why today I will be catching up with not one, but two blog posts.

I’m terrible for carrying everything and the kitchen sink in my handbag, so usually when I’ve used this gorgeous Skinny Dip bag I’ve brought a *coughcough* spare tote to carry my essentials. You know, my makeup bag, my Bullet Journal, headphones, at least 6 lipsticks, a pen, a book or a magazine, face wipes, spare tights, my work phone, my own phone, a snack…Well not this time. The fact the wedding was held in a city I was unfamiliar with in a venue I’d not been to before, I had no idea whether I’d be able to stash my spare or whether it would just get in everyone’s way. So I braved it. Left the hotel with only my relatively tiny and impractical handbag and hoped for the best.

I’d planned to go back to the hotel between the ceremony and the party, but never made it. Meant to go and fix my eyeliner because I got the teensiest bit emotional at the ceremony, but I didn’t. Do you know what? It didn’t matter the slightest bit! I got to see my lovely friend marry the love of her life, I drank champagne, I danced, I watched people try to disengage a croquembouche from a tower of choux pastry and spun sugar with a hacksaw and a plastic fork, and above all, I got to catch up with friends I’d not seen since the last wedding. Some have moved across the country, some have popped out a couple of kids, bought their first house, adopted a few dogs, left the city or got an incredible new job.

Handbag from Skinny Dip London

This is my most practical Skinny Dip bag. I adore each and every one of them, but come on, the clamshell one barely holds my phone and the Unicorn Magic is essentially just a perspex box with a clasp. They’re stunning. I love them. They don’t hold fuck all though. I have to carry two phones with me, one for my gallery and my personal mobile. I don’t like to give out my own number for business calls, so that means I get to drag around both phones everywhere I go just in case of emergency. This rainbow Skinny Dip bag manages to fit both mobiles, a purse, and more lipsticks than is necessarily normal.

Multiple lipsticks

Did I say I didn’t have 6 lipsticks in my handbag? Well I didn’t exactly lie, it was actually 4 lipsticks, a gloss, and a fairly multi purpose lipliner. I’m one of those people who can go out with not a stitch of makeup, but if my mouth is naked I feel scruffy.

I’m a little weird, but I have a lip colour tactic when it comes to weddings and events; I start off with a matte true red lip (in this case the Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lipstick in Eternal) with a true red lipliner (Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Kiss n Tell). A couple drinks and a handful of Pringles later, the red will have worn off into a stain. Then it’s time for food, so who gives a shit about lipstick? Once I’ve stuffed my face I’ll whack on some pink liquid lippie (last night I went for the By Terry Terribly Velvet Rouge in Bankable Rose, but I also brought my Milani Amore MATTallics Lip Creme in Cinematic Kiss). That usually holds for a few hours and quite a few gins, at which point I can’t be bothered with applying a solid colour so just start using the sheers. You know, your tinted lip balms, glosses etc. These are usually a fairly universal reddish-pink or rosy shade (No7 Sheer Temptation in Bewitched and Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Gloss in Janneline).

Or, you know, you could bring one lipstick and a lipliner and be done with it.

Pen from Beyond Object

I bought this gorgeous pen at Design Junction this year, but don’t let it fool you into thinking my usual pen stash is quite so grown up looking! The bottom of my regular handbag is lined with a handful of cheap biros and rogue coloured felt tips. This rollerball writes like a dream though, and it makes me want to use “nice” pens instead of stealing the manky ballpoints every time I fill out a form.


This is fairly self explanatory. I love garlic, but cringe at the thought of garlic breath. I’ll always pack gum for any occasion, and if I don’t have it I’ll be asking around if anyone else does. Do you have gum? Could I have some please?


My usual wallet is huge and pink and covered in glitter. Much as I love it, it doesn’t actually fit inside any of my teeny tiny novelty bags, and I probably also don’t need to bring loyalty cards for about 8 different shops to a wedding. I have no idea where this metallic purse came from, but it fits my debit card and cash, so it’s perfect. Oh and this is where my gum lives as well. It’s big enough to stash change as well as just my cards, so no fishing around for that rogue pound coin at the bar. That shit saves valuable seconds of partying time.

Keys and Money

I’m not exactly a responsible adult but some things you just don’t leave home without. If I have to tell you to remember to bring these things, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to go to a wedding on your own.

One thought on “#Blogtober 8: Don’t take the kitchen sink to a Wedding

  1. Hey Lucie I loved this post and I love your blog. I think it’s your chatty engaging style that draws me in and makes me want to read more. When I was reading this post it felt like I was at the wedding with you. I’m you had such a lovely day and good luck with the rest of Blogtober

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

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