#Blogtober 13: A Few of my Favourite Vegan Blog Posts, written by some of my favourite Vegan Bloggers

It’s difficult to make a huge change, whether it’s to your lifestyle or your diet. I get it. I didn’t stop eating meat for good until last year, and it took me a few months after that before I decided to go vegan. I have friends who are omnis, my dad still eats meat, and even my flatmate is partial to the odd bacon sandwich sometimes. Do I wish they’d stop? Of course I do! Would I write them off just because they still ask for pepperoni on their pizza? Well, no. 

Let’s be clear here, whether someone eats meat or not does not make them an intrinsically good or bad person. I know plenty of awesome people who do still consume animal products, and though I would obviously rather they didn’t, as long as they treat me and my choices with respect we can be pals. Recently I briefly let the most godawful woman move into my flat for a month, and she really just proved that not all vegans are lovely, compassionate people.

Two of my very best friends are omnis, and they will ALWAYS make sure that my dietary requirements are catered for wherever we go. Emily from Frankly Ms Shankly came to London with me a couple months ago, and that chicken-eating ginger ninja spent the whole five days eating vegan food. Matt has come to not one, but two Vegan Fests with me. He’s sampled mock duck and he loved it. My new flatmate has been cooking up a tofu storm for the past week and always asks what I can and can’t eat, just so she doesn’t accidentally feed me something that isn’t vegan-friendly. It’s actually really touching that my friends care enough to do these things.

Over the last year I’ve met some awesome fellow vegan bloggers who write about everything from the best dairy-free milks, restaurant recommendations and recipes that make me drool a little on my keyboard, to the ethical reasons to choose veganism. Their recommendations for cruelty-free beauty and makeup are probably the reason why my savings account always looks a bit pathetic. They’re wonderful, they’re funny, and above all they get their point across without some of the preachiness that seems to go (unjustly) with the stereotype. If you’re vegan already, vegetarian, or even omni and thinking about making the transition, you should check out some of my faves here.

Why Imperfection is OK

There are some, dare I say, slightly passive aggressive posts out there about this topic. These come from omnis who can’t/won’t give up their “tasty cheese”, or even other vegans. Yes it can be difficult to make the transition, especially for those who don’t live in big cities with endless vegan options in very supermarket and dozens of veggie or vegan restaurants. However it is still possible to make a conscious choice, and really the worst thing you can say is “I don’t care”.

Nadia from (Not So) Quiet Girl wrote this fabulous post on 3 Confessions of a Not-so-perfect Vegan

Steph from The Zombie Said wrote one of my favourite blog posts ever about Intersectionality and Veganism


Vegan Foodie Resources

I think the most difficult aspect of embracing veganism is the whole array of “different” foods to adjust to. How do you know which dairy-free cheeses taste heavenly, and which taste of week old disco feet? Which milk alternatives are great in your cup of tea, and which ones look like someone jizzed in your mug?

This post about Dairy-free Milk alternatives by Laila at Tape Parade is awesome. I would actually consider it to be the definitive guide as there was serious amounts of research (both the reading and the drinking kind) behind the piece. This review of Mouse’s Favourite Dairy-free cheese is also spot on.


Why I Went Vegan

I don’t know about you, but I love a backstory. I am a nosy wee cow I guess! Everybody has different reasons for not eating meat, or choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle. Here are some of my absolute faves.

For the Animals: Jess from Jessthetics 

For the Environment: Nadia from (Not So Quiet) Girl

For Health: Steph from The Zombie Said (can you tell I love her blog?)

Because animal husbandry is fucked up: Laila from Tape Parade


Vegan Fooooooood

Any post by me about veganism and vegan bloggers wouldn’t be complete without a little something-something about food. I love food. I love eating it, looking at it, reading about it. I LOVE FOOD. There are three vegan food blogs that I drool over on a regular basis, so if you’re not worried about wanting to lick the screen of your laptop you should totally go and check them out.

Adele at Vegan Burd

Aimee at Wallflower Kitchen 

Mel at A Virtual Vegan


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