#Blogtober 18:#OOTD Frilly socks and dresses worn backwards

I got my first pair of frilly socks when I was 6. My parents took me to Hong Kong for the summer, and I spied a pair of white chaussettes with pink lace trim and a satin bow in a department store. It was love at first sight.

I’d like to say my taste in accessories has grown up a little since then. Actually who am I kidding?? I absolutely revel in the fact that my sartorial sense has not matured beyond a primary school level, though now I buy my own socks and get to choose my own clothes. Who knew not much would have changed since those blissful days when my age was in the single digits?

Today’s outfit post was inspired by a pair of frilly socks. Some people start with a dress and work their way up to the accessories, but I decided on my socks before anything else. I’ve not been feeling great the past few days so I wanted to wear something FUN, something to make myself feel better about not having been outside since Monday. What better start to the day than a pair of ankle socks with wee pink tassels?

I’m boobier than the average bear, so when I ordered this dress from ASOS I actually expected more of a skater style than how it actually sits on me. I also *might* have accidentally ordered the petite version, which suits me just fine as I love a super-short skirt. It’s really short. I can’t really sit down in this. Or bend over. Or do the Macarena.

The dress little different from the kind of stuff I usually wear, but the cute wee skirt, 3/4 length sleeves and pockets totally called to me. Yes, POCKETS. The addition of pockets to any dress raises its appeal exponentially, and though a quick look at the ASOS website told me I’d actually put it on backwards, I think it kinda works? One side is all demure, the other is HOLY BLUE PINEAPPLES, you could take someone’s eye out with those babies. That’s pretty much my aesthetic at the moment. That’s pretty much been my aesthetic since I was in high school, short skirts and the titty massif.

I bought the necklace from the lovely Natasha DeVil’s Etsy shop awhile ago and it’s just so damned cute. I had to take a wee close-up selfie (pardon my face) because the wee crystals on it are both pink AND green. Natasha is a fellow blogger and an absolutely lovely lass; her shop is absolutely full or gorgeous wee pieces, from delicate vintage jewellery to statement headpieces and flower crowns. My current fave is a GIANT bumblebee atop a bed of roses. How awesome does that sound? 

Dress ASOS
Cat Ears Forever 21
Frilly socks M&S
Shoes Schuh
Cloud necklace Natasha DeVil
Handbag Camden Lock Market
Eyeshadow Bohemian Chic Minerals (Ice Cold)
Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury Matte (Red Carpet Red)

I’m still terrible at getting my photo taken, but my very patient flatmate Leanne agreed to brave the cold this afternoon and snap some pics of me. On my phone. We really pulled out all the stops there. Leanne has a cold and I dragged the poor lass outside to take photos of me in a dress so I can blog about it. I am basically evil incarnate. Thankfully we balance ech other out as she’s an absolute sweetheart. Here she is snuggling the dog for warmth outside and probably praying for my harebrained ideas to end.

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