#Blogtober 26: B is for Bumblebee

What do you do when the Halloween costume you’d planned to wear…doesn’t fit? Do you scream? Cry? Wonder why the hell they make these things “one size fits all” when they clearly don’t?

This happened to me today, when the beaver costume I’d ordered online arrived (after many tears and a long drive to the UPS depot at 10am this morning) and it would not zip up over my boobs. I’d even ordered the larger size, but no one informed by chebs. My flatmate commented that the “butt bit looks cute though”, which was small consolation when I was basically the boobiest beaver in the dam.

Instead of sobbing into that admittedly very soft and absorbent faux fur playsuit, I decided I’d just rummage around until I found something. Luckily I’m the kind of person who seems to have the makings of many an animal costume in my actual wardrobe, so I managed to cobble together a bee suit. I’m not sure what this says about me. Industrious maybe? A problem solver? A very oddly dressed human? I have no idea where any of these things actually came from, but at least I look kind of like a bumblebee and I can get down to the very important task of baking a cake now.

One thought on “#Blogtober 26: B is for Bumblebee

  1. LOVE this!! You remind me of the bee girl in that video from the 90s. (I know that’s suuuuper descriptive lol.) BTW I am obsessed with your hair color.
    xx | A

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