#Blogtober 28: Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. It’s my favourite time of year, with everything from skulls and bats and all things creepy making an appearance. I love dressing up in a costume, decorating my flat with ghosts and ghouls and skeleton cats, and I adore a good Halloween party. Nothing beats seeing all my friends decked out in a full facepaint, masks, and probably enough faux fur to furnish a 70s style shag pad.

Every year I look forward to October 31st more than my birthday or Christmas, but still I get incredulous comments from some “adults” when they find out I get such a kick out of Halloween.
This year my friends and I decided to have a wee get-together for the fam. We couldn’t be bothered with expensive drinks, crowded bars or people we don’t know. Instead we decorated the house with as many spooky decorations as we could muster and dress up not as the conventional zombies or monsters, but as Floofs.

Halloween is rife with cultural appropriation these days, with the go-to costume being a full face of sugar skull makeup. We wanted to to against the trend by filing the flat with all the furry creatures. There were beavers and bats, badgers, hedgehogs, foxes, and as many pandas as Edinburgh Zoo. We had a dinosaur. We had the softest, fluffiest cat. We even dressed up the dog in a waistcoat and flat cap to pass him off as a human.

Happy Halloween!

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