#Blogtober 29: So close…

After I did #BEDM in May, I believe I said to friends I would never attempt something like it again. Let’s be honest here, I’m a sporadic blogger at the best of times, so blogging for 31 days on the trot was always going to be a struggle for me. I love blogging, I adore writing, and the creative side of things has always really appealed to me. Doing blog challenges in that respect gives me that kick in the butt I need to actually write to a schedule.

I’ve always been a more text-heavy blogger, as I’m not really a photographer. By “not really”, I mean I take my blog photos on my iPhone and sometimes I *gasp* don’t even edit them. Maybe a crop here or there, but chances are that my snaps are definitely of the #nofilter variety. I spend more time editing my content than I’ll ever do editing photos, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. My job and my business are both very visual, so blogging is kind of a break from that part of my life. Having said that, one area of blogging I’ve actually dipped a toe into this month was more #OOTD posts. Do I like having my photo taken? Not really. Did I actually begin to learn to enjoy it more? I really surprised myself with this one, but I’ve actually started to…not hate it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting a bit more confident, maybe it’s the super lovely comments I’ve gotten on some of these posts, or maybe it’s the fact my flatmate is the most patient person in the universe and will snap me in exchange for cake. We’ll probably never know.

Having a challenge to work to made me look at all those drafted posts sitting on my laptop that I never really finished, and it make me do something about them. I edited things, combined material I’d let sit to fester for months, and I consciously went out and took photos. That’s a pretty big deal for me.

So despite the fact I’ve only produced 29 blog posts for this 31 day challenge, that’s probably about 28 posts more than I would have written if I hadn’t participated. And that’s pretty decent.

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