New hair colour inspiration: Barney the Purple Dinosaur

How long has my hair been green for? Well, because of this blog and my uncontrollable urge to document every major hair transformation on Instagram, I can now confirm I embraced my mermaid self on the 16th of June. Yes, I nearly made it to the half year mark staying with one colour palette. I went from mint and seafoam to emerald and turquoise at one point, but I was a cousin of Kermit for pretty much bang on five months. Are you proud of me for facing my fear of (colour) commitment?

Now I didn’t decide to write a blog post to tell y’all I decided to stay green, and today I really felt an itch for change. The lovely Mathew at Mathew Watt Hair has been humouring my whims for the past few months, so he didn’t even bat an eyelid when I came in asking for a very dark teal blue with purple ombre.

Yes, purple.

Do you know how hard it is to lift turquoise out of already bleached hair enough to get it that perfect shade of purple? Thankfully this time my roots weren’t being lightened. There’s no feeling quite like having bleach touch your scalp is there?  It took about four hours in total, but I absolutely LOVE the result, and it was exactly what I wanted.


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