#OOTD: Autumnal As Fox

We’re one day away from December and I waded through an ankle-deep river of frosty leaves just to walk my dog this morning. It was…uh…delightful.

I’m a couple of months late for an “Autumn OOTD” post, but y’all probably don’t come here expecting some classic season-appropriate fashion inspiration. I mean my last few outfit posts included a denim dress I managed to put on backwards and me cosplaying as a GIANT BUMBLEBEE. I *could* technically wax lyrical here about how my outfit essentials for this autumn are a cosy knit, a nice pair of gloves, an oversized scarf and a knit hat, but I nearly fell asleep just typing that. Snooze. These aren’t trends, nor is acting like the layered look is anything innovative. We’ve all worn a cardi over a top over a vest before, why is this still being passed off as a “tip”? Let’s just consider layering a fact of life once the first signs of frost set in and leave it at that, shall we?

I am a total sucker for anything with a fox motif, so I thought I’d *ahem* layer my favourite fox leggings under whatever I managed to rustle up from my magical mystery wardrobe. I’ve been wearing these a lot. They can make a deceptively “normal” looking outfit look awesome with basically no effort at all, which is really what every lazy fashionista wants.

Seeing as it’s St Andrews Day today, I thought it would be appropriate to finally get out that unicorn hoodie my mum and dad bought me. I absolutely LOVE the fact they spent so long commenting on how cosy and warm it looked that they didn’t even notice the fact it has a HORN attached to it.  If anyone asks what my must-have trends for this season are, it’s basically “Anything a Unicorn Would Wear”. Wait, isn’t that just my everyday aesthetic? At least I’m consistent.

This look is actually way more colour coordinated than my usual look. See? Red skirt AND red jacket? This almost never happens. I actually tried to photograph myself, but realised I’m not very good at that. In fact I’m pretty fucking terrible. So I wandered down to my gallery and had poor long-suffering Rhory snap my outfit, something I don’t think was in his job description. It also explains why I’m bouncing around an art gallery with a deranged look on my face. Please pray for that poor boy.

Varsity Jacket Lazy Oaf

Hoodie Wildfox 

Skirt Black Milk, bought secondhand from a friend

Leggings Black Milk 

Velvet shoes TK Maxx

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