Christmas in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District: More festive than a reindeer reunion

Toronto takes Christmas seriously. The whole of Nathan Phillips Square outside City Hall becomes an outdoor ice rink, and the Toronto Christmas Market turns the Distillery District into a hipster winter wonderland . There’s a neon-lit merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, and a 52 foot Norway Spruce tree decorated with oversized baubles bigger than my head. It’s so festive even I got into the spirit of Christmas, and I didn’t even need to fortify myself with mulled wine.

What remains of the old Goodman and Worts Distillery is now trendy shops and cafes, set against a backdrop of Victorian industrial architecture and cobbled streets. I remember the derelict buildings being there when I was a kid, but about 10 years ago developers decided to transform the historic space into a residential and commercial development with a bit of life in it. This is where those impeccably groomed urban lumberjacks buy their subtly tailored flannel shirts and craft beers, but for the whole month of December, there is nowhere else in Toronto that just screams Merry Christmas quite like the Distillery District.


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