JorgObé Skincare: Even better than peeling PVA glue off your hands

I remember my very first peel-off mask, a slime green gel which smelled distinctly of cucumbers that my mum *let* me buy. I snuck it into her basket alongside her packs of tissues and vitamins, and I rushed home to smear that green goo all over my pre-teen face. I had a weird fascination with spreading that mask on my skin and peeling it off like PVA glue. Once a weirdo, always a weirdo.

I don’t know where I first heard about the skincare company JorgObé, but somehow their Black Peel Off Mask made it onto my radar. It sounded incredible. I have a weird, gross fascination with the gunk in my pores. I still love peeling that sticky, rubbery substance off my skin like some fancy Elmer’s glue.  Suck it out of my face, mask. It’s just so satisfying. I’ve not used a peelable mask in years, and *apparently* it’s not the done thing to smear glue all over your face as a beauty treatment when you’re an adult. 

JorgObé has a very condensed range of products. Three, to be exact. There’s something I really admire about a company that is so confident in their brand that they don’t feel the need to make more than three things, but that’s just me. There’s the Peel Off Mask, the Scrub Mask, and the White Tea Balancing Cream. The packaging in simple, minimal, and monochrome. They also happen to be 100% cruelty-free and vegan, which of course is a huge plus for me. I know I don’t necessarily “market” myself as a cruelty-free blogger, because I don’t technically monetise my blog, but as a vegan I’d really be amiss if I used or promoted brands that condone animal testing. The company is Danish and only sells in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK, so there’s no worry about them trading in China!

For this blog post, I tricked my dear long-suffering flatmate Leanne into trying out the peel-off face mask and moisturiser with me. I promised her a relaxing spa-like experience. She looked nervous. You might remember Leanne from such experiments as “that time I made my flatmate eat all the vegan cheese”, and “that time I made my flatmate stand out in the cold with the flu to take outfit photos for me”. Let’s just say I’m not sure she trusts me or my “experiments” anymore.

First of all, I need to be very clear here and remind you that you really need to watch where you apply this. We didn’t read the instructions and spread a layer on our cheeks. DO NOT DO THIS. You will remove every baby hair that ever was or will ever be on your face. Don’t think your face is covered in tiny invisible downy hairs? Oh boy would you be wrong. There was screaming. Cursing. Some threats of bodily harm. Leanne does not enjoy involuntary facial epilation.

We applied a reasonably even layer of the black goo onto Leanne’s face first. She was determined to read the instructions. I was determined I knew how to put on a face mask. Oh how wrong I was. We had her wee cheeks smeared with the stuff before I heard an angry yelp and an accusing finger pointing at the bit on the back of the tube that said not to apply to areas with hair. Oops. Sorry Leanne.

Then we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

By the time the 25-30minutes was up, we’d watched half an episode of SVU and Leanne was running to the bathroom ready to start peeling. Once we got over the initial pain of ripping the mask from our delicate wee cheeks, it was actually quite good fun. If you’re smart and only applied the stuff to your T-zone, I can vouch for those areas being pretty painless. I took SO MANY photos of us mid-peel. You can literally see the gunk that came out of our pores and the nasty little tiny blackheads. Yes it was disgusting, but also weirdly riveting. I mean, nothing shows a product works like an actual visual representation of the grot that it’s just removed from your face, right? My pores were noticeably smaller. Except the big one on my nose, but I’m convinced that’s not actually a pore but a portal into another dimension.

My skin felt so smooth after this, and the moisturiser had the loveliest light texture. I’d say the finish is quite velvety. As velvety as my puppy’s ears? Maybe not quite, but close. There are all sorts of ingredients in there intended to control and regulate sebum production, and it feels fucking fantastic on.  Leanne was very impressed with the moisturiser. In fact, my tube of this has disappeared, so I have my suspicions as to how much exactly she loved this product. 

Stay tuned for more experiments on Leanne. Thankfully, she confirmed the results were worth the fear this time, or I’d have to be on the lookout for a new test subject (and flatmate).


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